For over 20 years, CPC Construction, LLC., has been a respected contractor, valued partner and trusted advisor to the concrete and asphalt construction industry. Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, CPC is unique.

  • We own all our own equipment necessary for full service. And never sub-contract or outsource our projects to other companies. In fact, we are often used by other companies as a sub-contractor.
  • We specialize in concrete and asphalt paving, repair, maintenance and construction. We’re experts. We’re the most experienced team. And we do it right
  • Our crews average over 10 years experience. We’ve earned our reputation, but never rest on our laurels.
  • We’ve had many long term exclusive relationships with general contractors, developers, housing associations, municipalities and others. We lead with value, not just price.

CPC prides itself on not only “how” we lay concrete and asphalt, but on how we work with our customers on “why” one process would be better and more cost effective than another. We work to achieve your desired end-result. We have the knowledge to solve difficult construction problems with creative solutions that are both functional, and if needed, are aesthetically pleasing. We’ll work with you. We’ll work for you. CPC has the tools, expertise and experience to do it, right.



CPC Construction, LLC is here to make the world a better place beginning with its clients and customers, employees and business associates.  CPC believes this is best done in the environment of the free market system which has proven to be the best system in the world for providing economic growth and prosperity—more life to those who come in contact with the company.  CPC believes it can best serve by applying the golden rule in all its dealings, treating all with respect and striving to be the best that it can be.


CPC is led by senior level leaders and managers with extensive experience in the construction industry and concrete products and services.  Leadership and management personnel include Executive, Administrative, Operations, Marketing and Sales, Estimating, Human Relations, Accounting.


CPC has an experienced and dedicated staff of Project Managers who are a resource to our customers and who oversee each project ensuring the jobs are well coordinated to suit the customer’s schedule and needs and that each job is performed efficiently and according to contract requirements.


To ensure the field production progresses on schedule, CPC has a staff of experienced professionals who provide the essential behind the scenes support including purchasing, scheduling, equipment management and maintenance, engineering support, safety, traffic control and contract management.


CPC is committed to maintaining its dedicated and skilled workforce who are trained and experienced in producing the work our clients need.  This begins with qualified foremen who train and supervise the skilled workforce who performs the work.  Our unique company culture of respect and of providing growth opportunities attracts and keeps the best craftsmen in the industry.