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CPC Construction performs all types of asphalt installation, maintenance and repair. Our crews are highly trained and skilled in a variety of different methods of asphalt work.If you’re in a situation and aren’t sure what you need, our experienced asphalt team will visit your project evaluate the current condition of your asphalt surface and provide you with our experienced recommendation and estimate.Additionally, we encourage you to get recommendations and estimates from our competition. We know you will find that we are honest, have integrity and stand behind our work.Whether you need patch work, seal coating, crack sealing, milling and overlay or new paving we have the necessary skills and equipment to do your job, right!


Private a street? Or, parking lot? Maybe you’re a general contractor looking for a way to save costs on a project. We have a variety of ways we can pave for you. By the ton, square yard, or by the hour. You supply the material or we can. Need to have the abc placed? No problem. What ever your paving needs are we can do it, right!

Seal Coating/Crack Sealing

Want to know the secret to getting the best performance and longest life from your asphalt? Ever wonder why some parking lots look almost new even though they’re not while others look old and worn yet aren’t very old? In order to get the most life from your asphalt surface you have to MAINTAIN IT!

Asphalt is a petroleum-based product that in our Arizona climate will dry and crack over time. The intense UV rays of the summers don’t help, and the expansion and contraction between the summer and winter months causes the pavement surface to crack and allow places for moisture to penetrate creating soft spots under the asphalt.

Now drive a car or truck over this surface and your beautiful asphalt surface has just failed, leaving the surface riddled with small cracks close together (often called alligator cracks because it resembles the skin of an alligator) which only gets worse over time. Instead of minor maintenance costs you have major repairs to deal with which often includes repair of the material under the asphalt. However, most of the time with regular maintenance this can be avoided. How? Crack Sealing and Seal Coating.

Crack sealing is the process of cleaning the cracks in the existing pavement from dust, dirt, vegetation and other deleterious materials, then sealing the cracks with melted asphalt rubber specifically formulated for this purpose.

Typically upon completion of crack sealing the asphalt is swept or blown clean then a seal-coat (is a thin layer of petroleum based sealant) is applied to the surface of the asphalt which helps to fill the voids and add vital oil back into the pavement.

If performed on a regular schedule (about once every two years), it will extend the life of the asphalt between 5 and 10 years beyond asphalt that isn’t maintained. Need to keep your asphalt maintained? CPC can do it, right!

Mill & Overlay

When asphalt reaches the end of it’s useful life, it can be used as a base for new asphalt to be placed on. This process is called overlaying. Even if the asphalt is not perfect, If the area to have the overlay applied has areas that are sunken or depressed, often times spot repairs can be made which will provide the stability the new asphalt overlay needs to perform as designed.

In areas where the overlay will meet existing driveways, ramps, curbs, catch basins, valley gutters or other areas where having a “bump” is undesirable, the edge of the existing asphalt can be milled down providing a smooth transition. If adding 1 ½” of new asphalt (the typical thickness of an overlay) will create problems or issues, the entire surface can be milled down by the thickness of the new asphalt being applied leaving the new surface at the same elevation as the old one.

Regardless of your overlay needs, CPC can provide you with the guidance and direction you need, and make recommendations you can trust. Need an overlay? We can do it…right!

Trenching & Repair

It is sometimes necessary to trench thru an existing parking surface to install new sprinklers, electric conduit, plumbing, cables or many other reasons. Once again, CPC is the one to call. We will visit your site and coordinate all saw cutting, asphalt and/or concrete removal, and replacement of concrete and asphalt once the work is done. If needed, we also have crews that can dig and backfill the trench as well. No big deal. We can do it…right!

Skin Patching

Water and asphalt are never a good combination. Sometimes, simply due to the subsurface conditions, asphalt can develop low spots often called “bird baths” in which water will pond and collect. That’s why streets, roads, parking lots and other asphalt surfaces are always designed to drain water.

When these “bird baths” occur, it’s imperative to fix them before they have a chance to cause additional damage. As long as the asphalt is in good condition otherwise a process called skin patching is employed.

Skin patching is done by applying a bonding agent to the existing asphalt surface then applying an asphalt product composed of sand and fine aggregate (rocks) to the surface. The material is then compacted with a steel wheel roller leaving the surface smooth and finished. If done properly, a skin patch will often last the remaining asphalt life. At CPC we guarantee our skin patches will perform as designed because we do it….right!

Striping & Marking

In most instances where maintenance and repair work is performed, especially in parking lots, the striping, marking and signage will need to be replaced or updated to current standards. Fortunately at CPC we are a one-stop-shop, and we will take care of all of the post maintenance or post paving needs to get you back up and running quickly.Parking lot striping, parking stalls, handicap stalls & signs, fire lane and stenciling and any other items on your list will be quickly and easily taken care of giving you one less contractor to deal with. Additionally, if your existing parking lot needs handicap ramps installed to meet current ADA standards, our competent design team, concrete demolition and installation crews can take care of this work for you.