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In the past 20 years we’ve learned a lot about concrete and asphalt. How it works. How it’s protected and maintained. How it’s repaired. But the one thing we’ve learned most of all, concrete and asphalt are basically all the same. Every company uses the same raw materials. It’s a formula. Concrete = Cement + sand+ rock + water.

You’d think, as a result, that “price” is the only differentiator between CPC and any another concrete and asphalt company. Wrong. CPC prides itself on not only “how” we lay concrete and asphalt, but on how we work with our customers on “why” one process would be better and more cost effective than another. We work to achieve your desired end-result. And are pro’s with 20 years of experience to help you make the right decisions, use the right materials and processes, and choose CPC as your concrete and asphalt construction partner.