concreteFor over 20 years, CPC Construction, LLC has been installing concrete in the Valley.  Whether you have a large commercial project, municipal project, or a residential patio, CPC has the knowledge, experience and expertise to get your job done right.Our skilled workforce has, on average, over 10 years of experience.  Most of our top level superintendents and foremen have been doing this work for 20 years or more. We’re not afraid to tell you what we can do, and maybe more importantly, what can, can’t, or shouldn’t, be done.

We have the knowledge to solve difficult concrete problems with creative solutions that are both functional, and if needed, are aesthetically pleasing.  Sidewalks, curb & gutter, catch basins, patios, footings, foundations, new installation, repair, total removal and replacement, or whatever it may be, if it’s concrete, we can do it, right.

New Install

Of the many types of concrete work CPC performs, the installation of new concrete and concrete amenities is one of our specialties. Our crews are skilled in standard concrete finishes but also have the knowledge and skill to apply a variety of architectural finishes as well including; stamped, exposed aggregate, colored and decorative scoring.

In addition to installation of new concrete, CPC has the resources to grade, prepare subgrade, install abc and is skilled in reading and interpreting survey points. Whatever your new concrete needs are, we can do it, right!


Sometimes concrete, for whatever reason, just needs to be removed. Maybe it’s old and doesn’t look so good. Maybe it’s in the way of a new project. CPC has the specialized tools to do demo the concrete safe, efficiently and cost effectively. Tight access, no problem. Large area, no problem. It has rebar or post tension reinforcing, or other reinforcing, no problem. Only want to remove some of the concrete, no problem. Our crews can remove whatever you need leaving your job clean and ready for the next step. When it comes to concrete demolition and removal, we can do it, right!

Remove & Replace

Let’s face it, things get old and need to be updated, even concrete. Whether it’s due to failure, cracking, aesthetics, new rules and regulations or whatever the reason, CPC has the ability to meet your needs. We have crews that specialize in removing and replacing concrete and do it day-in and day-out.

Often times sites have to be updated to meet new ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) requirements. This often includes adherence to strict tolerances to be in compliance. No worries. Our crews have been doing this for a long time. Even in difficult situations we have the knowledge and skills to get things to work and work within the regulations.

Sometimes it takes creativity and ingenuity but we love a challenge. The best part is that we won’t tell you we can do something that can’t be done. We believe it’s better to be honest and work with our clients in providing them with their desired end results.

Have questions about what can and can’t be done? No problem. Call us. We’re always happy to look at your job, review your plans and provide you with our professional opinion as a service to you.

Concrete Paving

When you think of paving, you typically think of asphalt. Why? Concrete paving in most cases can be a cost effective and viable alternative. Although the cost of installation may be slightly more, the maintenance costs, reparability and longer lifespan far outweigh any up-front costs. Typical applications include: Parking lots, streets, local roads or private subdivisions. All be designed and paved in concrete.

Additionally, CPC Construction, LLC is proud to be a grass roots member of the Arizona Concrete Promotion Council. As a member of the council, CPC has access to the vast resources of the National Ready Mix Concrete Association, including their recently developed concrete paving design division which will provide free design recommendations and work on any CPC project. Concrete paving? We can do it, right!